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An incorrect abbreviation for fraternity. Frat boys give us fraternity men a bad image.
Frat boys don't give a shit about anything but getting hammered and raping bitches. They are the guys who continue the terrible stereotypes about fraternities. Fraternity men, on the other hand, have moral vales and actually care about getting good grades.
by Dewey June 13, 2004
A rapper who does not say much in his songs other than, "Okay", "What", or "Yeah".
In the song "I Don't Give a Fuck" by Lil John, all he says in the first 25 seconds is "Okay!" repeatedly. This provided excellent material for Dave Chappelle to rip Lil John on his TV show.
by Dewey May 23, 2004
The best athletes in the world. Have to be able to take 10-20 minutes of pounding from other players, skating at 25 mph, and trying to make plays while wearing 20 lbs of equipment. Make millions of dollars per year and often have hot wives.
Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic, and Wayne Gretzky are a few of the greatest hockey players ever. They are very rich and have really hot wives.
by Dewey June 15, 2004
Shitty hockey team that can't get out of the first round of the playoffs. They haven't made it to the second round since 1993.
The Islanders have no good players. "Oh shit, watch out for Trent Hunter!"
by Dewey June 15, 2004
Ja Rule; one day G-Unit will pump hot lead into his bitch-ass.
Ja Rule is a pussy ass nigga
by Dewey August 01, 2004
Biggest wankstas in world history. Think they are gangsta and bad-ass, when their cars are rented, their jewelry is fake, and they are from suburban Georgia. I hope real gangstas find them and show them what its really like to be from the streets.
The Icy Hot Stuntaz are fags.
by Dewey June 29, 2004
What a girl says when you have been friends with her for a while, but does not want to take the next step and become your girlfriend. Basically those works are a huge kick in the balls.
Girl: "We could start going out, but I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Guy: "OK, I understand completely."

Guy's thoughts: "GOD DAMNIT!!!!"
by Dewey July 11, 2004
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