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Taken from 'legend', abbreviated to 'ledge' with an added 'pants'.
An amazing person, with epic status in their veins when you look at people that are ledgepants' you think..."Damn they should have monuments,statues and other miscellaneous landmarks made and named after them."
Man, Alison is such a ledgepants, she's just so shit cool. I mean look at Rob like WHAT A LOSERPANTS, theres like no comparison, dude.
by devinerocks May 05, 2008
A small device which cleanses a vagina which is exceedingly disgusting and possibly hasnt seen soap or water in a decade.
As opposed to a regular douche bag, a douche bag 9000 is DISGRACEFULLY annoying/stupid.
Donall O Brien is SUCH a douche bag 9000, I wish he'd just shut up!!!!!
by devinerocks February 29, 2008

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