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Acronym. Never A Waste O' Bandwidth.
A complimentary term used to describe an individual who consistently posts compelling, informative, humerous material.

Opposite of Wob.
See Wob.
Did you read that last Zatoichi post?
That stuff is nawob!
by dethspud May 08, 2005
Acronym. Never A Waste Of Bandwidth.
One who consistently fails to be a waste of time. Can apply to Writers, Musicians, Any creative or interesting person. Derived from blogs originally.
Did you read that last post from Zatoichi?

That dude's nawob.
by dethspud May 08, 2005
meme-wor-thy meem-wur-th ee


1. Worthy of remembering, memorable, notable.
2. Not a waste of personal bandwith.
3. Significant, important or noteworthy.
Spud luffs reading Shakespeare cos so much of that stuff is memeworthy.
by dethspud May 03, 2007

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