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3 definitions by desertironwood

Backrub, blowjob, breakfast in bed.
Honey you can have anything you want. I want the three b's
by desertironwood October 07, 2008
a tattoo just above the butt on a woman.
I thought she was very classy, then she bent over and I saw her humper sticker
by desertironwood October 07, 2008
A second or third generation latin american that looks as though he meets the stereotypical mexican but upon discussion you find that he talks like a straight up white boy. You later find out he was disowned by the latin american community.
Crap, we need a translator...Robert your parents are from Mexico, can you do it? Nope, poor Garza is blackballed as a caucexican.
by desertironwood September 23, 2010