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A euphemism usually used for a crappy game brought down to 20 dollars to attract more sales.
Where FInal Fantasy X and Legend of Zelda are, DBZ Bukodai and John Madden's fishing are not greatists hits.
by DesPERRYado January 28, 2005
The worst role-playing game of all time. Possibly worse than Mauntlet.
You know what PS2 game sucks?

WWE Smackdown?

No, Unlimited Saga is worse.
by DesPERRYado November 11, 2004
The act of using an inappropriate source or citation when writing a document.
When you're supposed to write a scholarly, scintific document for some academic institution but instead you write it based on opinion. You would use a pseudo-citation by citing a random book or website to make it look like you did research.
by DesPERRYado November 08, 2004
Someone who saves the world from unparalleled danger; a hero. Also known as a Savior of the Light.
Billy saved my ass from jail, he's a Growlanser.
by DesPERRYado January 18, 2005
When you back and complete Honors level work for a class you completed in the past.
"Hey Dr. Fahy, do you mind if I do a retro-honors for that Ethics class I took last year?"
by DesPERRYado October 26, 2005
Ebonics slang. Though it doesn't have a literal meaning, it's usually just used to announce your presence.

Me: Ah fuck, it's Moe. Man, Zac's such a pussy when he tries to flatter Moe and doesn't back me up when Moe puts me down.
by DesPERRYado November 03, 2004
The intention, systematic killing of digital pets. Done so via abusing digital pets, overfeeding them, or by simply resetting the handheld ones.
23:10 perragorn: This Mark Fagan kid let me play with his for a few minutes and i fed it like 90 meals in 4 minutes so it died
23:11 perragorn: and he was like "awwwww my friend was going to give me 10 dollars if I raised it the right way."
23:11 Nathan: lol
23:11 Nathan: hahahahahaa
23:11 Nathan: hahahaha
23:11 Nathan: ahahahahha
23:11 Nathan: ahahahaha
23:11 Nathan: ahah
23:11 Nathan: ah
23:11 Nathan: ahaha
23:11 Nathan: ha
23:11 perragorn: Like that?
23:11 Nathan: digicide!!!
by desPERRYado April 14, 2006

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