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Kanoodle is also a verb used to refer to unconventional sexual practices with food. It is shortened from "Kinky Noodling", where cooked pasta (mainly long pastas such as Spaghetti or Linguine, etc.) are thrown upon a naked person and then licked or eaten off by the throwee or other such persons. There is no pain involved unless the food is too hot but mainly a form of foreplay or sexual arousal.
Different variants include using other foods, mainly sweet foods such as desserts, ie.: chocolate syrup, whipped cream, peanut butter. A growing trend thanks to Howard Stern's popular radio/tv program is to use lunch meats for their ability to be thrown like a Frisbee onto a person where they will easily stick to the body. Bologna is commonly used as is ham and cheese, for what is known as 'ham and cheese on a bun' or other varieties.
If syrups or sauces are to be used, it is recommended to practice "Kanoodling" in an area that is easily cleanable, a kitchen/bathroom or tub or used with a drop cloth. Many do not refer to "Kanoodling" when using Honey, Chocolate Syrup or Whipped Cream as these seem ordinary and are not, by urban-definition, a part of the meaning and instead a tangent on the original meaning. It is up to the user to decide if the act should be considered "Kanoodling" or just taboo.
Last night at a cocktail party I found out someone else had the same kinky sexual practice as me and we decided to raid the kitchen and kanoodle.
by dertball October 30, 2006

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