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Jon Lajoie as MC Vagina.
Jon Lajoie in 'I Kill People' - "I'm the Beatles of cumshots, the Mozart of huge balls, the Anne Frank of erections.. no that's inappropriate."
by derebeker June 11, 2009
A much cooler version of the pineapple. Painapples will kick your mouth and digestive system's ass all the way down and through.
Painapples kick ass. I want a tattoo of a painapple just to show the world how much ass I kick.
by derebeker December 04, 2009
Adjective; can be used to describe how drunk one got the night before.
I got pantshittingly drunk last night and woke up in the morning smelling like shit and shame.
by derebeker May 13, 2011
The act of getting ridiculously drunk, blacking out, and peeing in your friend's living room.
friend 1: *peeing on friend's bookcase in front of everyone*


Friend 1:"Do work." *continues to pee*
by derebeker October 10, 2009

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