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A salutation from a blogger to the blog's readers, usually following "dear" and preceding a question that the blogger can't be bothered to research him- or herself.

Invented by jwz, I think.
Dear Lazyweb, how do I make (random OS X app) stop doing (random annoying thing)?
by derat June 04, 2006
To attempt to eat a burrito while reading a book, preferably outside in a park on a nice day.

Difficulty can be increased by various factors: poor burrito structural integrity or weak wrap, high winds combined with an improvised paperweight such as your bag of chips, etc.
After rock-climbing this morning, all I can think about is stopping by El Farolito so I can go burreading at Mission Dolores.
by derat June 04, 2006
The tendency of a pedestrian preoccupied with another task (e.g. talking on a cell phone, fiddling with a portable music device) to veer left and right across the sidewalk, unknowingly blocking faster-walking pedestrians attempting to overtake them.

So named for the similarity between the perpetrator's movements and those of a bowling ball in the eponymous ten-pin bowling variant, in which the lane's gutters are blocked by bumpers to prevent gutterballs.
"I just missed the Muni because I couldn't get around some Bluetooth idiot who was hella bumper bowling."
by derat December 15, 2007
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