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The unique and pungent odour of Negro perpiration.

Found attractive by some and repulsive by others.

Also known as "Black Sweat". See Prince's latest album.
"I hate working out next to Leroy. That mother-fucker works up a real nigger stank on the treadmill."
by der Alte Fritz July 28, 2006
Enlarged clitoris caused by years of steroid abuse.

Fairly common in female "Gym bunnies" and highly visible through spandex shorts.
"Jesus! Did you see Becky's Gym clit. She could fuck you hard with that!"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006
Vaginal secretions worked into a lather by prolonged sexual activity.

Can be caused by masturbation or penetrative coitus.

Highly visible on the male member when enjoying doggy style

"After nailing Miko for a good hour she had left shitloads of pussy froth on my dick"
by der Alte Fritz July 05, 2006
A: Male who inserts his erect penis into two different individuals during a 3-way sex session.

B: A guy who inserts his penis into more than one of a partner's orifices during a sexual encounter.

A: Stan pulled his dick out of Sophie's dripping pussy and slid it into Sadie's eager mouth. The girls enjoyed fucking an experienced double-dipper.

B: After getting a sloppy BJ the Cruiser rammed his penis into Iceman's asshole. What a risky business it is to be a double-dipper.
by der Alte Fritz July 23, 2006
A sexual partner who is unwilling to see a blow-job through to orgasm.
Susan gave me a great BJ last night but just when I was about to cum she finished me off with her hand. I wish she wasn't such a cream dodger and let me cum in her mouth.
by der Alte Fritz July 23, 2006
An unwashed and malodourous vagina
"I started to go down on Shondiqua but gagged because she had a bad case of skunk muff"
by der Alte Fritz July 29, 2006
A sexual position involving three people, usually 1 male and 2 females. ( 69ing plus 1 )

It involves two females "69ing" (performing oral sex upon each other) whilst the male inserts his penis into:

a: The vagina woman on the "bottom" leaving the woman on top to stimulate both penis shaft and clitoris of her partners.

b: The vagina of the woman on "top". This is often the most pleasurable as the woman on the bottom can now suck the testicles of the man.

Variants are of course commonplace such as inserting the penis into a willing mouth or even a rectum. However such acts divert from the true 70ing experience.
As Mel slipped his dick into Tanya's pussy he felt Monica suck his balls into her mouth. As enjoyed the experience, he though 70ing beats the hell out of tequila.
by der Alte Fritz August 18, 2006
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