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A sexual paraphilia or fetish. Person gets aroused when sees someone wetting his/her pants or just becoming wet (for example under the shower or in the pool).
wetting, jeans fetish, underwear fetish
by Denis April 13, 2005
The Snoop Doggy Dogg's code for murder
One-Eight-Seven (187) On An Undercover Cop (song by Snoop Doggy Dogg & Dr. Dre)
meaning murder on undercover cops
by Denis June 18, 2006
A term used for describing someone as being unjustice towards another.
"Nice Shirt, do they make 'em for men? ohhh frairrrr"
by Denis March 21, 2003
did you see that rimshit going?
by denis August 24, 2003

how many chips do you got
by denis August 24, 2003
The porn God of University of Queensland's college's
God damn westside has the best porn.
by Denis June 18, 2004

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