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2 definitions by denecaep

A debate camp with a dark side. In secret underground bunkers, kids play truth or dare and violate each others' shoulders.

60% nerds
13% stoned
17% drunk
9% insane
1% girls
I went to UTNIF! It scarred me for life! But at least I can get into early elimination rounds now!
by denecaep July 28, 2011
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1. A word that rhymes with orange.

2. A word that is so dorky it is found hilarious.

3. Replacement for swear words, dirty words.
1. "There IS a word that rhymes with orange! ZORANGE!"

2. "What is that word from, Star Trek? That's zorange..."

3. "Go to zorange, zorange you, and suck my ZORANGE!"
by denecaep November 10, 2010
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