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word that ryhmes with orange....

means really cool or badass
Dude 1: I got a sweet new car today!!!!
Dude 2: YO!!!! That jank is so ZORANGE!!!!!!
by thaman34 May 13, 2009
A word created solely for the purpose of rhyming with an otherwise non-rhyming word.
'Yilver' is a zorange for silver
by Kayral April 08, 2015
1. A word that rhymes with orange.

2. A word that is so dorky it is found hilarious.

3. Replacement for swear words, dirty words.
1. "There IS a word that rhymes with orange! ZORANGE!"

2. "What is that word from, Star Trek? That's zorange..."

3. "Go to zorange, zorange you, and suck my ZORANGE!"
by denecaep November 10, 2010
anything or anyone in the universe
"eww you just zoranged all over the floor"
"look at the giant zorange in the sky"
"don't make me through my zorange at you"
by billy susan hills January 11, 2009
the name of a group of people who are so fuckin amazing and are the bestest friends in the world. everyone is jealous of them as they are the sikest band in the world, everyone should bow down to them long live zorange
4 crazy girls all partying in fabulous outfits oh thats so zorange!!!!!
zorange forever
by rebel without a cause March 21, 2006
Since there are "no words that rhyme with orange" as the M&Ms in color TV commerical says.... now there is one.
It's all about zorange!
by In The Mindway May 27, 2005
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