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An extremely ugly, undesirable female.
I got drunk and ended up getting it on with this war pig.
by demander January 17, 2003
An acronym for "bend over, here it comes again". Refers to getting screwed over by the same means twice.
Dan, your car broke down again! BOHICA!
by demander January 17, 2003
A male with an uncanny knack for attracting ugly, undesirable women.
With his fan club of 300-pounders, Randy is a real vermin magnet.
by demander January 17, 2003
The vagina of an Indian female.
I had my first taste of fish curry last night.
by demander August 31, 2003
The submissive partner in a monogamous male homosexual relationship.
Harry is Tom's bunny.
by demander January 17, 2003

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