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3 definitions by delton1010

The fine art of two gentlemen penetrating one lucky lady's ears (picture: antlers). While simutaneously ejaculating, they punch her in the jaw as she emits a moose call.
Captain delton said to his friends, "the first mate and I gave her the moose jaw last night."
by delton1010 October 05, 2010
A slight variation of the Moose Jaw. As two men violate a woman's ears she simutaneously punches them in their "rocks" screaming, "Up, up, and away!"
To get revenge Jane pulled a Rocky and Bullwinkle.
by delton1010 October 05, 2010
A gentleman with a penis curved to the left covered in lowfat cheeze wiz who receives a blow job from a woman. As he is about to ejaculate he elbows her in the head and yells, "dinner time!"
As soon as he took off his pants and brought out the cheeze in a can he knew it would be elbow macaroni for dinner.
by delton1010 October 05, 2010