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n. a fledgling person about everything, and indeed worthwhile to experience;
n. a person that is sexy, slim, sophisticated, clever, chic and gifted.
adj. well-dressed (preppy), well-spoken (simple) and well-traveled (universal).
adj. dreamer and aspirational who without realization live life on the edge and needs to be awakened to live in the moment.
This guy that I went boating with acted just as a delton, and we got into so much stuff after I dreamed along with him. Good times!
by Dionne March 06, 2005
A black and deformed demon that has a tiny penis that reaches sexual climax in 3 seconds
a man was accused of being a delton and was killed
by Lenie Lenie March 22, 2010
Delton Smith
that delton eat that macdonalds stores
a delton ate my baby
a delton ate my other baby
a delton weighs a few hundred tonne
by conserned citizen June 24, 2003
fat guy who eats alot!!!
that delton ate my car!!
a delton stole my baby
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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