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SYNONYM: Juicy Fart
A special kind of fart which actually carries anal juices with it upon exit, thus causing greater casualties from the resulting linger. May cause your ass cheeks to slip and slide as you run for the tiolet paper, and will surely leave a mark in your underwear.
Fags get this a lot.
Can also be used to express your feelings
"Go suck a wet fart!!"
by deliverance April 24, 2003
A nonsense word that people in Bud Light commercials, or people who think they belong in one, like to say frequently to one another. Often caused by advanced brain damage caused by alcohol abuse and watching too many football teams and cheering for the losing side.
"WHAZAAAP?" (note the long hold caused by the heavy brain damage)
"WHAZAAAP!!" (response, often from another mentally degraded 49ers fan)
by deliverance April 24, 2003
An Ill, Dope, awesome, all around great rapper.
Ayo, did you hear that new track from Lett-ICE?
by Deliverance April 20, 2004
is experienced after eating a lot of mexican food
Holy shit those enchiladas gave me a hot ass! Hot going in, hot coming out!
by deliverance April 24, 2003
A land filled with women who have hairy armpits and never bathe.
The men stink of vodka and oh yeah they never bathe either.
"You stink like a soviet. Go take a fuckin bath!"
by deliverance April 24, 2003

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