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Korean leveling threadmill cleverly disguised as a massive multiplayer online game (Everquest, WoW, Eve Online). Also known as PT. It involves the following:

1. mindlessly killing mobs (mobs = monsters);

2. gaining items from said mobs (items = better equipment = increased killing efficiency);

3. leveling up after killing an astronomical number of said mobs (leveling = more stat points = increased killing efficiency);

4. accessing higher level maps with stronger mobs which render your new equipment upgrades and stat points void;

5. jump back to #1 and repeat indefinitely

On very rare ocassions and after a significant amount of time spent inside this senseless and time-consuming loop, you may achieve enlightment and be able to skip to #6:

6. in a flash of insight, you realize that playing PT is the equivalent of being brain dead and quit for good, denouncing all mmorpgs as the brainchildren of satan and make a witty entry on urbandictionary as your final contribution to the game that has sucked out 2 years of your life;

It is also one of the few online multiplayer games where soloing is more efficient than partying, which promotes a healthy anti-social attitude that will make you unable to function in society ever after.
Pristontale killed my inner child.
by deius October 11, 2005
1. The oldest encryption device known to man.

Cylindrical in shape, used to make a cyphered text by wrapping a piece of paper around it. The user writes a message on the paper and sends it off to the receipient, who, in order to decypher the text, has to have a cylinder of an equal diameter.

Said to have been used by ancient Greeks and Spartans to transport encrypted messages across the battlefield to avoid having their secrets fall into their enemies' hands.

2. Bene tleilaxu face dancer & assassin / tleilaxu master featured in Frank Herbert's literary masterpiece Dune. Makes his first appearenace in Book 2, and an unexpected and mysterious comeback in Book 6.
Although we've intercepted the messenger, the text was written using a scytale, thus is forever lost to us.
by Deius March 13, 2004
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