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a mans vagina (not anus) a real manmade vag
i put two fingers in his hegina
by deexm July 10, 2003
Mans orifice, commonly used for poostabbing. This could be the backpussy (or ansu), or could be a post-op tranny with a for real cunzo.
He/she has a gaping mancunny.
by deexm July 07, 2003
in relation to the 'zo'; cannot be properly defined by the english language or understood by most of the human race. see #high (efnet)
* throwzo rips ginas stonggly
by deexm July 07, 2003
suffix for use with alot of words
by deexm July 10, 2003
orgin; oldskool haxx0r typea (adj.)Some say it comes from a combination of the words 'kool' and 'rad' (K-Rad); Meaning not just kool, not just rad, but kool AND rad. :)
I am k-rad, ph33r my l33tness!
by deexm February 15, 2003

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