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A fixed gear,the simplest form of bicycle, 1 gear with no coasting/freewheeling mechanism. Generally made on old road (AKA 10 speed) frames (different than , but similar in appearance to a "track bike" which is built up on a frame designed specifically for racing in a velodrome.) Its lack of extra bits is ideal for bike mechanics who don't enjoy fixing their own bikes after wrenching at work all day. Also enjoyed by annoying scenesters, the "Super Rookie," and "poor" college students who ride them because they think that it makes them cool.
I finally pulled off my derailleurs and lost my ability to coast on my bike, now i got me a fixie and am uber cool and can get the ladies without my Benz.
by deek da biker February 07, 2006
Someone who supervises and watches over the mentally and/ or physically handicapped
That boy looks lost, where is his tard shepard.
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
The disfigured and painful looking positions ones hand makes while playing a game of hacky sack. Similar to the hands of an autistic child, much like guitar face.
He's awesome at playing pelt, but I'm surprised he can catch anything with those hacky hands.
by deek da Biker February 09, 2006
1. An oral condition that causes ones breath to be so noxious that it can sneak up on unsuspecting people and be nearly fatal.
2. When the physical state of ones mouth is so repugnant that it looks like a skilled ninja has drop-kicked them squarely in the mouth.
1. I heard that John is in the hospital, cuz he went to kiss Sheila goodnight, and her ninjavitis made him go into shock.
2. god rest his soul, but ODB musta been in a fight with the RZA cause even his goldfronts had sum ninjavitis
by deek da biker January 17, 2006
Slang for a person of both norwegian and Native American descent (Norwegian and 'Injun')
I never knew where Magnus Running Feather was from but I guess he must be a Norwinjun.
by deek da biker January 17, 2006
a Tire, wheel, tube on a bicycle or a car.
I ran over a piece of glass and now I need a new tread
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
Being out of round, flatness, or un-true, un-balanced (as in a wheel on a bike)
Yo, I just hit a curb with my bike an' now my wheel be's all womped
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
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