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A dense, rich piece of poo.
Take a Golden Trump in the garden and grow more carrots.
by deagler11 December 15, 2011
A ruse, stunt or gambit employed either to support and manipulate the beliefs of like minded individuals or control others whose beliefs differ from one's own or to divert attention from other more substantive issues using fashionably divisive issues such as abortion or birth control under the guise of self-righteous Christianity, whether Protestant or Catholic.
Santorum pulled another pradastunt when he basically said that birth control gives women license to be slutty.

Sean Hannity's all male, holy men forum on President Obama's barring church-controlled businesses from excluding contraception care in their employees' health plans was a well designed pradastunt to sway the easily fooled masses.
by deagler11 February 25, 2012
A particularly attractive posterior booty, male or female, that might lead one to do something he or she would not otherwise do.
Girl, the felonious trunk booty on that guy over there might make me lose my mind!
by deagler11 January 07, 2013

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