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An Americanized Chinese martial art codified by Grand Master Edmund K Parker.
The Style of Karate that Elvis Pressley was an EIGHT degree Black Belt in.
Kenpo is almost perfect for unarmed self-defense.
I am a yellow belt in Kenpo, but I could kick your ass
by DCS December 24, 2005
According to W.E.B. Griffin the term Philadelphia Police officers use to ID themselves to other cops
"I told him I was 369 but he made me pull my badge"
by dcs February 07, 2005
A psuedointellectual tub-o-lard from Flint Michigan. Known for his oscar winning yet fictional documentaries
Michael moore is a Fat retard
by dcs February 12, 2005
Dead musician known for looking like a slob, not bathing, marrying a crack whore, and hailed as a genius despite trying to eat buckshot for breakfast
If you put the shotgun in your mouth, kurt cobain, it'll kill you
by dcs February 12, 2005
What to call broccolito get your kids to eat it.
Dad: You want some broccoli?
Kid: No! I want TREES
by DCS December 24, 2005
A false assumption made by many many fools
There is no separation of church and state anywhere in the constitution. Learn to read you fucktards
by dcs February 12, 2005

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