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One of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made.

It pioneered Mafioso rap, and you can hear it's influence in all the albums that came after it. The cinematic, elaborate beats, with the heavy use of horn and string sections, introduced an entirely new sound to the rap game. The clean, polished beats of Cuban Linx contrasts starkly against Tical or 36 Chambers.

Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z? Life After Death by Big? They all owe their entire style to this album.

The production on this album is a perfect testament to RZA's skills. If anyone tells you Dr. Dre is the best producer, just laugh at them, they have shittier taste than you. Do them a favor and hand them a copy of Liquid Swords or Cuban Linx.

Ghostface Killah also laid down some of his best verses and lines on this album. Some people say this was Ghostface at his peak.

The original name was "Only Built 4 My Cuban Linx Niggaz".

A Cuban link is a type of chain necklace with a distinct pattern. "Cuban Linx" isn't a secret code word, he's basically saying for his styled up niggaz.
Ghostfaces verse on Criminology - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Yo, first of all son, peep the arson
Many brothers I be sparkin' and bustin' mad light inside the dark
Call me dough snatcher, just the brother for the rapture
I handglide, holdin' on strong, hard to capture
Extravagant, RZA bake the track and it's militant
Then I react, like a convict, and start killin' shit
It's manifested, the Gods work like appliances
Dealin' in my cypher I revolve around sciences
The ninth chamber, nigga trapped inside my hallway
You try to flee but you got smoked up by the doorway (blaow! blaow! blaow!)
No question, I send your ass back, right to the essence
Your whole frame is smothered in dirt, now how you restin'
While I'll be trapped by sounds, locked behind loops
Throwin' niggaz off airplanes cause CASH RULES
Everything around me black as you can see
Swallow this murder one verse like God degree
Then analyze my soundtrack for satisfaction
You adapt like a flashback chain reaction
by dcrubin June 25, 2010
An excellent liquor made from fermented and distilled sugar cane by-products, such as sugar cane juice or molasses.

There is a whole spectrum of different rum types. White, which is bland and tasteless, which the teeny-boppers and college sluts love mixing in their sugary drinks. Then golden, spiced, and dark rums, which actually have body, character, and flavor.

Like any other liquor, you can tell a lot about the person from the brand they buy. If they drink Bacardi or Malibu, that is basically saying they don't really care about or respect rum, and only buy rum to mix into their gay little tropical drinks.
Bacardi is the Wal-Mart/McDonald's of rum.
by dcrubin June 26, 2010
An extremely mainstream, terribly overrated producer.

He was certainly influential though.

He created a poppier, bubble gum, more radio-friendly sound that attracting a whole new crowd to hip-hop, which the grittier, darker, more complex hip-hop from the East Coast didn't appeal to.

Doesn't have anything on the RZA, or DJ Premier.
If you believe Dr. Dre is better than RZA or Premo, you have terrible taste in hip-hop.
by dcrubin September 29, 2010
The Wal-Mart of alcohol
Do you like Bacardi?
No, I drink real rum.
by dcrubin June 26, 2010

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