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Any bottom-fermenting ale. Although the term is used now to refer exclusively to light-coloured German- and Scandinavian-style beers, Lager was not light coloured until Urquell produced their Pilsener Beer in 1868. Until then, all lagers were a darkish colour and a sweeter flavour.

Interestingly, Pilsener is now a term applied to beer that doesn't meet strict Northern European purity standards and cannot be called lager.

Also used with a modifier (-lout) to describe the behaviour of young (usually) men after cosuming large amounts of this very drinkable beer. This usage may now be archaic, being largely an invention of the British tabloid press in the 1980's.
"Pint of lager please, mate."

by Dazzla October 03, 2003
Phrase used by the inarticulate and dimwitted as a comma and to buy time and cover their lack of knowledge of a subject on which they have decided to speak and the resulting insecurity this engenders.

It is particularly irritating in sportspeople, presenters and commentators as they are paid way in excess of the average salary of their audience precisley to tell them what it is they mean. The unspoken assumption is that the audience are already well aware of the 'gem of wisdom' or 'fact' (or see cliche) imparted by the 'expert' and that there really is no need to pay him or her £5000 an episode to provide such insightless insights.
Well, burumble balarumbler schumacher clam clam diddly pitstop gloomer. Knowarramean?
by Dazzla October 03, 2003
A business that sells things that people happen to eat.
Shall we go down McDonald's for lunch or shall we spend it in the toilet cramming urinal bars down our throats and throwing up?
by Dazzla July 08, 2003
(n) Bilious invective directed at poor people by insecure, empty-headed 'readers' of 'Heat' magazine and the Daily Mail. An acceptable form of class snobbery for people who are too 'right-on' (or perhaps just too poor) to join a country club.

A concept invented by media cokeheads to give underpaid, overworked middle class bores something to look down on and prevent them rebelling against the people who sell them for pennies every single day of the year.
"Look at that Adrian. Some dirty chavs! I'm glad we've got our over-mortgaged little shoe-box and our Vauxhall Nova so we can see how we're different from them."
by Dazzla February 03, 2006
An 'industry' that exists to provide a job for rich, bored kids who are able to work* for next to nothing for the first eight years of their working life before being given a 'break'. This usually consists of sucking a fat sweaty producer's minging weapon for the chance to make tea for Jamie Theakston.

*In divergence from the usual definition of the word, 'work' is here defined as 'bitch incessantly about the other coked-up shit-for-brains tossers (who use question inflection for every sentence they ever speak due to their crippling insecurities hidden by self0abuse and eating disorders) that you work with then take your holidays with them to Cannes or the Edinburgh Festival'
"Oh, well the media isn't reaslly a job, darling? It's more of a lifestyle choice, yah, y'know?"
by Dazzla September 29, 2003
Word used to describe any group of people subscribing to a shared doctrine or system of beliefs, although accurately applied only in in situations where the beliefs or doctrines are used deliberately to control their adherents.

Also used inaccurately by angst-ridden (ie virgin) teenagers and Korn fans (not always the same thing, strangely) to describe those older, richer, better looking, better dressed, more sexually successful etc... than themselves.
"Hey dude. Look at all those smart, good looking, well-dressed sheeple out there getting laid, laughing and generally having the times of their lives. I'm sure glad I ain't like that. Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaa"
by Dazzla October 01, 2003
Formerly the most exciting, diverse, happening city in the world. Since the bourgeoisie, revenue-raising tyranny of fatty Giuliani, however, it's now like Belgium with skyscrapers. Rapidly becoming a fictionalised myth.
New York, man. Used to be a hell of a good city. Now you can't dance in jazz bar, see a strip show, smoke or drink after 1am.
by Dazzla October 06, 2003

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