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(1)A name for a homosexual sticker.

(2)An asteroid shaped like a penis.

(3)A rainbow colored shape.
Look at that fagzoid on the back of that jeep.

Dude,Jeff, if a fagzoid is gunna hit Earth u can just bend over and take it up the ass.

Look at all those fags and there fagzoid sighns.
by notanigger January 18, 2004
7 1
Used to insult someone,often used in online games or the internet, it is often used when asking someone to do something and they refuse, you then say "you fagzoid" its a more friendly term of "fag" which is a very derogitarty thing to say to someone.
Letters are often changed into numbers following the rules of LEETSPEAK.
Callum- "play zombies on PS3?"
Liam- "No im busy, maybe later!"
Callum- "You fagzoid"
by daws09 February 17, 2009
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