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4 definitions by dawn frost

the condition someone has of being so delusionally happy you want to punch the person.
Person 1:"I heard you're gettin' freakin' married...are you serious??? you know love doesn't last."
Person 2:"yes it does!!!!...I'm so EXCITED!!!"(said while smiling hard)
Person 2: "that is so freakin' Mary Poppins!!!!
by Dawn Frost July 18, 2005
something that is very backwoods and out of civilization. Something that should be gone since we live in modern world.
You still have pager? that is so outhouse!
by dawn frost June 22, 2005
a black man who has a strong jaw, Wide masculine forehead, rough but well kept hands, and well-defined body.
He's WHITE...he ain't no thick neck. I'm not interested.
see also: Morris Chestnut, Common, Jaheim.
by dawn frost November 23, 2005
animal flesh consumed by the ignorant masses.
"I am a person with unclogged arteries because I have never eaten meat."
by dawn frost June 24, 2005