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a Rig-slut is a person who when at a free party or rave heads straight for the stack an dances all nite long usely high on mdma or acid or just high on the atmosphere a Rig-slut is a true party animal not to be confused with a Rig monkey.(Someone who feels the need to climb the stack). rig-sluts should be respected at all times hail the Rig-sluts i salute you
man1: man did you see Dave last night?
man2: yeah boi he was a proper Rig-slut think he danced by that stack all night.
man1: yeah i even see him huggin the bass bin an stickin his head in the scoop.
by davendave February 05, 2010
COD cramp is the result of playin COD for so long your hands seize up. and you cant open your hands.
The time it takes to clear varies on the players stamina and length of time spent playing.
dude can you undo my flies i need a piss but i cant let go of the controller

haha noway dude looks like you have COD cramp
by davendave February 05, 2010
A Rig-Monkey is someone who when at a free party or rave they feel the urge to start climbing the stack some Rig-Monkeys are ok an Get the crowd goin an get down. then there is the other sort. This Rig-Monkey wil keep climbing the stack urging people to join him. these are bad Rig-Monkeys an should be left at home
good...man1: Did you see that girl last night get up on the stack an dance an get everyone goin?
man2: yeah i was right there she was a right Rig-Monkey.

bad...man1: man did you see that nob last night?
man2: yeah wot a Rig-Monkey he kept gettin up there.

I thought at on point the stack was going to fall over.
man1:yeah he should av been left at home.
by davendave February 05, 2010

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