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A Rig-Monkey is someone who when at a free party or rave they feel the urge to start climbing the stack some Rig-Monkeys are ok an Get the crowd goin an get down. then there is the other sort. This Rig-Monkey wil keep climbing the stack urging people to join him. these are bad Rig-Monkeys an should be left at home
good...man1: Did you see that girl last night get up on the stack an dance an get everyone goin?
man2: yeah i was right there she was a right Rig-Monkey.

bad...man1: man did you see that nob last night?
man2: yeah wot a Rig-Monkey he kept gettin up there.

I thought at on point the stack was going to fall over.
man1:yeah he should av been left at home.
by davendave February 05, 2010
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