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The new, COOL way of reffering to a woman's special place.
Ahm gonna get all up in yo birf-canal, white girl.
by davemunger.blogspot.com July 07, 2005
Would make a good name for a rock band. Popularised by Dave Barry.
Hey, check out that porn. "Anal Avengers #3" sure WMAGNFARB.
by davemunger.blogspot.com December 31, 2004
1. A very wise phrase to do a google search on.
2. The appropriate place for those in the know to use as their browser's home-page.
I went to The Hand Of Munger at davemunger.blogspot.com, and now I am cool.
by davemunger.blogspot.com August 23, 2003
Two keets. Ayam jus keeedeeng!
Aye haba parakeets, dat iz two keets. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! IZ FUNNY!
by davemunger.blogspot.com August 22, 2003

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