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An acronym of the phrase "raise the jolly roger" used by local baseball broadcasters for the Pittsburgh Pirates following a victory.

The non-abbreviated form would be "Raise the jolly roger" where "jolly roger" refers to the flag design of a skull and crossbones often used by sea-faring pirates. (see Jolly Roger)
It's a fly ball deep to left center and the Pirates make the catch. RTJR! Raise the jolly roger!

A walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth! RTJR!
by joepitt June 22, 2011
Raise the Jolly Roger. Expression coined by Pirates play by play announcer Greg Brown. Used by all Pittsburghers when the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team wins a game.
"RTJR! Go Bucs!"

"Pittsburgh wins! RTJR!"
by davemalaphor October 07, 2013