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A moron. A stooge has skewed thinking and little intelligence yet thinks he/she is equal to or better than everyone else.
Did you see Tom sucking up to the Director? He doesn't even know what the words mean. What a stooge!
by Dave720 January 28, 2014
A person that will give blow jobs without showing any excitement or pleasure.
Rebecca is a zipper Zombie. She did her thing without ever making a sound then left.
by Dave720 June 04, 2013
when a male puts his whole "package" on one side of his crotch seam to make him appear to have more than he does.
I'll side pack today cuz I'm going to the beach.
by Dave720 January 31, 2012
A person who likes sweaty, musty, crotch on a person they are having sex with.
Don't shower before your date tonight, Mike is a swamp monster.
by Dave720 May 13, 2016
During sex, the top holding the neck of the bottom, gently squeezing to reduce air flow and highten the orgasm.
Ben is a safe Choka; he doesnt want to hurt me while we nut.
by Dave720 May 12, 2016
A guy that sticks his penis in all a girls holes.
Mike is a Triple Hitter, Wendy. You really want it in your mouth, vagina, and ass?
by Dave720 May 12, 2016
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