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2 definitions by dave555123

A unit of wasted expenditure - currently (in 2010) equal to approximately £25,000 per year

Especially relevant to spending by local government, but can be applied elsewhere.
Local Govt officer 1: We've just wasted £10,000 on this pointless new initiative.

Local Govt officer 2: Don't worry about it: that's less than 0.5 mikes.
by dave555123 November 18, 2010
The act of fornicating with a sheep close to the edge of a cliff - The sheep (because of its fear of being pushed over the cliff) will push back harder, thus enhancing the sexual pleasure of the perpetrator.
Farmer 1: I'm taking Flossie out for a date tonight, but lately she's been a bit lifeless in the sack - how can I liven things up a bit?

Farmer 2: You should try a Risky Griffiths - that should make her a bit more animated!
by dave555123 August 05, 2010