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The act of docking with another guy directly after participating in a bukakke, kind of like a modern day high five but instead slapping wiener heads.
Leroy - (While docking Darryl)"Nice load!"

Darryl - "Thanks! She literally looks like a human ice cream cone now."
Leroy - "You got that right!"
Darryl - "I don't think I would pull a Bukakke Docky with anyone else but you. Your foreskin is like warm butter."
Leroy - (long pause).....I'm out!(leaves)
#bukakke #sham-wowed #docking #flap jackin' #dock
by darryl&leroy May 07, 2009
The act of close-fist jacking a prostiute after she bites your tongue while kissing her/him.
Darryl - "dude, I'm scared!
Leroy - "what's up?"
Darryl - "I Sham-wowed some hooker last night."
Leroy - "How?"
Darryl - "We were kissing and ahh...."
Leroy - "Wait! Why would you kiss a hooker?"
Darryl - "Your right...I'm a tool."
Leroy - "Laters!"
#shamwow #hooker #punch #sausage #prostitute #smagma
by darryl&Leroy May 04, 2009
The act or state of being escorted from a particular establishment by your nutzack.
Darryl: What U doin home so early? I thought you went on a date?

Leroy: I did! We went back to her house after dinner. I tried to give her the old Johnny slip-and-sneak and got escroted me the fuck out.
#scrotum #escrote #escroted #sausage #nutsack #darryl and leroy
by darryl&leroy November 18, 2009
A twitterer who constantly checks his/her twitter account hoping that the celebrity they stalk will respond to something they commented on that particular persons page.
Darryl - "Why do you look so tired?"
Leroy - "I was up all night waiting to see if Jon Stamos said thanks for telling him his ass would make a great helmet."
Darryl - "God your a twack! Well...did he?"
Leroy - "(weeping) no!"

Darryl - ".....Would mine??"
(long, awkward pause)
#twitter #twack #tweet #sausage #jon stamos
by Darryl&Leroy May 21, 2009
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