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n: clear plastic cover that is usually hinged and spring-loaded that prevents inadvertant (or slows unauthorized)operation of an important switch. Sometimes improvised with a piece of tape. (Frobguards are forbidden on emergency stops on industrial equipment by OSHA.)
That tourist came through and flipped the power switch, and we lost a day's work! We gotta get a frobguard on that thing.

Thank God I heard the frobguard hinge squeek when Johnny lifted it! He'd have taken down the whole network if I hadn't stopped him. Why do we let that scrag bring her kid to work anyway?
by danw December 22, 2003
What the USA calls countries it has previously defeated in wars.
"Well, looks like since they caught Saddam, Iraq's gonna join our list of allies: England, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Texas, etc."
by danw December 22, 2003
A redneck version of a playboy, synonym of horndog.
Bubba is such a cockhound, he'd hump his own momma.
by danw December 22, 2003
Reproductive organ(s).
"Carful movin' that fridge, Pop - don't want you to throw your baby maker outta whack!"

"Did you hear about Sally? She had half her baby maker stuff cut out by the doc - all ate up with the cancer she was."
by danw December 22, 2003
To bother someone while they are intoxicated or passed out, and you are too intoxicated to teabag or antique them, because you'd have to remember where the flour is for the former, or be able to operate your fly for the latter. Mostly consists of poking and pinching, but can be misconstrued by others as sexual or homosexual behavior.
"Dave's not a fag, but when he gets drunk, he'll start peckerneckin' with ya, so watch out."

"I was gonna antique his wimp-ass, but I was too stoned to find the flour, so I just peckernecked with him till he got off the couch."
by danw December 22, 2003
an officer in the military, usually of junior rank, and not very experienced or valuable.
I walked past a group of zeroes on base today and forgot to salute.
by danw December 22, 2003
Slang for perineum, or the place that the doctor slices into to carve your prostate out, right in front of your anus, and right behind your scrotum.
Then that fag urologist stuck a scalpel in my geesh, and I haven't had a boner since!
by danw December 22, 2003
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