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when a team of beer pong, aka beirut, players gets down to 3 cups, and they rerack the cups to form a "power i" or a line, the cup in the middle is the fat bitch
team member 1: We want the "power i" dude.

team member 2: now don't hit the fat bitch this time or we'll be fucked again!
by dantheman64 September 26, 2007
sick freestyle by weezy aka lil wayne, in which he shows he is the greatest rapper alive. Actually means his flow is nastier than any other g out there and there's nothing that can stop him.
The Sky's the Limit

my flow is nasty, like C Y Phyllis

i'm probably in the sky, flyin with the fishes, or maybe in the ocean swimmin with the pidgeons

you know that ima ride for my motherfuckin niggas, most likely ima die with my finger on the trigger, don't worry bout mine, ima grind til i get it, and tellin all my niggas that the sky is the limit
by dantheman64 September 17, 2007

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