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4 definitions by dannyboy1373

midget amputee porn is the holy grail of all porn for those that are weird and wacky enough to want to watch it. Obviously contains midgets that are dismembered dancing the good dance!!!
do you want to watch some midget amputee porn?
by dannyboy1373 October 24, 2007
204 41
A person who has had one or more of their limbs removed.
"Dave" is now an amputee after getting his leg blown off in the war.
by dannyboy1373 October 24, 2007
46 21
Where one of your mates or work collegues has a "Jack Bastard Attitude", or where they act like a jack bastard continuously with the same attitude towards you.
"cor blimey Dave has a bit of a jackitude today."
by dannyboy1373 December 04, 2007
9 1
Somebody who is entirely self absorbed and won't do anything for anybody else. Also Sombody who drops another person in the shit.
"dude you just told my wife i'm having an affair, you jack bastard!"
by dannyboy1373 December 04, 2007
47 41