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Pronounced "raa-bon"

Legend has it that Rabon was an evil cricketer who had trouble batting because he had random, spontaneous erections. His exceptionally long penis (over 2 feet long) had to be tied down onto his thighs to prevent it from rising up to his nose, tearing through his trousers, causing embarassment and amusement alike to himself and spectators.

Rabon was believed to be an illegitimate son of the evil lord Ravana from the famous Indian epic, the Ramayana - hence the name Rabon. This one didn't have ten heads, but two. He was appointed lord of a kingdom called Landka.
At the airport: "Mr. Rabon, you will not be allowed to board this airplane - that thing is technically considered a weapon."
by danclay February 05, 2008
Penis. This slang originates from Assam, India
Pete: "Guticx, what are you doing tonight?"
Guticx: "I'll just stay home and play with my dudun."
by danclay February 05, 2008
Adjective form of the word buggar (aka sodomize)
The buggarile son-of-a-bitch tried to do me as I bent over to fix the sink pipe.
by danclay February 04, 2008
When one (or more) of a man's testicles unintentionally pops out due to a tear in the pants.
The man wondered why everyone in the room looked strangely intimidated - then he smiled as he looked down and discovered he had a popsickle and gently tucked the hairy monster away.
by danclay February 04, 2008
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