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A charva can be found scavenging in local boozers or night clubs, often heard usings words such as "PYAHH" and "AYE" and "HEEYA!"
"AYE eez PYAHH pissed iz off lirk ORRRRRR HEEEYAA MAN!"
by Damion May 28, 2004
A word that should be used when applying a chainsaw to one of your severed hands, with an overuse of cheesy shots and metal clashing sounds.......EVIL DEAD II DEAD BY DAWN
*SCHWINGGG!* *CHANGG* CHHRONGGGGGG!!!*........"groovy ;)"
by Damion May 28, 2004
when you wank so hard the fluff that has collected in your arse shoots out in a big ball of fluff
by damion September 06, 2003
someone who is not quite polite to one.
<guy>yo, so did you see that one guy last night at the party?
<other guy>i dont know, was it the annoying one?
<guy>yeah, he is such a jewish monkey.
<other guy>hells yeah
by damion February 21, 2005
Damion rocks ass; coming from an elite motherfucker known as "void" or "raz0r"
man that GGTHNXNORE is one rockin ass bitch
by damion October 14, 2004

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