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a bdsm term for when you want a candle filled with melted candle wax shoved into your ear.
oh harder harder harder fucktard oh god just give me a blanton already quit with the foreplay already and give me that fucking blanton already!!!
by daky182 April 26, 2011
when a dating couple are too concerned with each other they forget about there friends and only think of them selves and always have to be stuck up each others asses (96)
GUY 1: wheres josh?
GUY 2: with jolynn
GUY 1: god this is like the 100th time this week
GUY 2: god they are always stuck up each others asses all the damn time there 69ing the wrong way
GUY 1: yea there not 69ing there 96ing
(both guys begin to laugh at how true it is)
by daky182 July 04, 2011

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