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a legacy of awesome. mostly to describe you and your ancestors, as awesome. a bloodline of awesome...
hey bro your so awesome.

no i'm restrepo.
by dairon December 09, 2008
a skinny motherfucker.

"hey flamingo fuck"

"stop calling me that"

"hahahaha stupid flamingo fuck"
by dairon December 09, 2008
a phrase used by white suburban men in the event of any loud noise coming from something near him.
*car is drifting in a enclosed neighborhood at night*

*white male comes out and screams*

by dairon December 09, 2008
the cousin of the every day seen chupacabra. a beast known for its raging nipples that can grow to at least 2 feet. the nipples are used as both of a lure and a self defense mechanism. when hungry or erect it will use its nipples to lure in little creatures like bunny's and squirrels, which he/she will attack or fuck to the death.

his gigantic nipple are also a form of self defense. if under attack the albino chupacabra would start swinging his nipple.
(by our studies, it is said that getting hit by a albinos chupacabra is equivalent to getting hit by 2 buses. amazing.)
in addition to swinging his/her nipples wildly. he/she will lactate. causing blindness.

a albino chupacabra is described as a chupacabra with pale white skin, giant nipples, and either a gaping but hole for male or a gagina for the female.

"ohhh god i almost died last night"

"what happened"

"i was attacked by a albino chupacabra"
by dairon December 09, 2008
a form of cancer brought by cock-blocking brought by the annoying friend.
thanks dave... fucking wanker...you gave me the dairon
by dairon December 08, 2008
an insult used to describe some one as either

#1 slow stupid man who would not get laid.

#2 fat man who wont get laid.

#3 man who tries to hard to get laid.

#4 fagot


#5 idiot who thinks hes smarter then he actually think
"hey bob"

"fuck you, you lactating turtle"
by dairon December 09, 2008

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