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i know it when i see it. but its a big deal.
you want this classy body
by daimthatsclassy July 07, 2011
acronym: That Honey Over there. honey meaning pretty girl

as apposed to "that hoe over there" a derogatory term for a girl who isn't a 10 out of 10, shes just another hoe. it also implies the girl is slutty or thirsty (wants attention)

That honey over there is a reclaimed version of the term. There are so many beautiful women in the world. its not a contest.
A: look at that thot
B: don't be a hater. i think shes cute
A: i know. i'm saying look at that honey over there.
B: ohhhh okay. hey look there's another one, they're all over the place.
A: ya and i'm so glad i don't care what any of them do with her own bodies!
by daimthatsclassy March 03, 2015

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