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The epitome of all things shit. Used to describe something that is crappy, shit, undesirable, disgusting etc. Also, another way to describe when you feel like shit.
"The hospital food was lesh.."
"I feel so lesh after all the drugs last night.."
"My boss is such a lesh.."
by Cornelius Flemington March 25, 2010
The pinnacle of greatness; an elite stage of heirarchy amongst the everyday passer bys, only obtained through acts of greatness, therefore acts of 'Leshness' so to speak. Acts of uncanny progress and a significant level of achievement in any factor of life is considered to be 'Lesh'.
Ploddin-"Hey i got an A on my Science Project"
Tejuan-"Damn, you're pretty lesh man, i want to be you"
by Leshinator August 02, 2009
Albanian term for pubic hair.
Dude she didn't even shave lastnight bro she had so much lesh.
Damn I have so much lesh down there.
by Trapstarbong69 September 24, 2015
pronunciation - (l-eh-sh)
lesh, leshy
1) an overwhelming horrible stench
2) a strong foul odor
3) a disgusting smell
4) an aroma that educes vomiting

-verb phrase
1) "the look of lesh" - sexual eye contact; someone from the opposite sex or same sex wanting to get into your stench (genitalia/pants)romantically. (negative)

Grandma Esther; Sephardi, Ladino
-What is that terrible lesh?
-LESH....lesh lesh lesh lesh lesh lesh......
-I think that guy is giving you the look of lesh
by jhason March 09, 2009
someone who acts in a homosexual manner and engages in sexual intercourse with their dog
Yo that ratchet is mad lesh
by Daequan November 23, 2012
A word used to describe an action or person who has done something stupid; a nicer way of saying somebody is a faggot or a pussy
That kid who likes One Direction is mad lesh.
by Long Neck Long Legs Rebellion November 21, 2012
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