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A nerd is an interesting sort of idea. To some, the idea comes simply: glasses, nasal, scratchy voice. Inhalers, pocket protectors. Whatever the hell.
I think a nerd is something else. Someone who has a large IQ, sure. But doesn't act that way. A nerd is a person who plays video games, spend their money on new releases and Trading Card Games. Ones who, online, are actually, well, literate. A nerd can be extremely annoying or really cool. Depending on your point of view. And hey, since they have a non existant life, they have all the time to talk to you. One more thing: Nerds like to trash talk a lot of things behind your backs. Rap, emo, goths.. Whatever is around the bend.
Face it. Nerds whoop your butt. Not only are they smart, but they can have you on your butt crying when it comes to the infamous XBox queen. Halo.
by Daddy August 02, 2004
when a retard is sent into a rage acquiring super-human strength
dude, don't piss him off, or he'll break out the tard rage
by daddy March 08, 2004
one who voraciously sucks weiners
phil is a total cock gobbler
by daddy March 09, 2004
Mythical shit that leaves no residue and requires no wiping of the anus. People who claim to have dry shitted, are usually embarrassed because they did not wipe their ass, and claim that the ass didn't need wiping. All asses need wiping
"Oh my god will just took a dry shit."
by Daddy November 27, 2003
when a dude named phil sticks a big black dildo in his ass
I walked in on a phildo the other day and I was like "Duuuuuude, phil, you gotta pull that out of your ass."
by daddy March 09, 2004
to bring together by fucking
they newly weds consummated the marriage their first night together (yeah, right!)
by Daddy April 22, 2003
a bitch-ass ho that dosn't call his friends back
phil is a bitch-ass ho that dosn't call his friends back
by daddy March 17, 2004

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