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A women who has a tireless appetite for boozing and is not only very good at it but is also much fun to be around. Subject may also be described as being just like 'one of the boys'. A term of endearment.
Off to the pub later, I think Mandy is going to tag along, she is a real booze hag.
by daddio January 09, 2004
This is the 'cool' inner-city pronunciation of gangster and indicates a wannabe attitude, i.e. trying to look tough when you're not.
Them gangstas think they all phat and shit, cuz they got the bling-bling, but they stole all their shit from their mama's boy friend, who, by the way, REALLY is a gangster.
by daddio March 21, 2003
the king of the monkeys, who is filled with beans, and speaks in a high voice
Mooch likes to hang out on the bed all day long.
by Daddio May 26, 2004

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