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to act lazy or slack off
'oh man jesse ranched out so hard'
'i can't believe he ranched on the project'
by lars43 February 23, 2009
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a word that can mean whatever you want it to, particularly for reference to drunk people or negative feelings.
"She is ranched! She drank 3 beers!"

"I just found out that Bert and Ernie aren't brothers! My life is ranched!"

"Aw ranch! That tornado is heading ranch straight for our house! Get in the ranchin' cellar!"
by tornadotony May 22, 2010
The act of destroying a magic card by inadvertently spilling ranch dressing on the card while gorging oneself on chips, carrot sticks or other ranchably dippable foods.
My level 69 muff buster got ranched during lunch.
by muff buster September 07, 2011
when you say something is yukky,
its very much the same as ranched
it can all so mean the sause that has ranch and mayo lol
the first example is "That boy is very ranched"

The second example is "when i go to hungry jacks i ike to eat ranch, but now i like ranched because its mayo too"
by TAY:) May 12, 2008

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