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6 definitions by dadaevan

Pressing one's butt cheeks up against a window or glass.
We pressed ham to another car on the road.
by dadaevan March 30, 2007
A nasty smelling vagina; one that may induce vomiting, or at the least, needs some major douching.
Shaniqua had some major funkpussy last night when I was fingering her.
by dadaevan February 15, 2009
A stupid person, one incapable of making rational decisions.
Chris acted like an assclown at his party. He talked shit and was proven wrong at every turn.
by dadaevan May 30, 2008
When your butt crack gets sweaty and moist, this is the byproduct that you feel.
After golfing in the humid weather all morning, Lisa had goo ass.
by dadaevan April 07, 2007
A diaper filled with poop.
Mia's been wearing that stink bag all over the house.
by dadaevan April 01, 2007
A very soft defecation.
Hank never drops logs in the can, only cremates that cause him to wipe numerous times.
by dadaevan May 22, 2007