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A rico is usually a short human with an unquenchable libido. Many ricos have been seen leaving bars with more than 3 women at a time. This has been known to cause bar fights with jealous males.
Duder: Hey man, are those our girlfriends leaving with that dude over there?

Brozeph: Wait...yeah, they are! That rico is leaving with my girlfriend! We have to go beat him down!

Duder: Damn it, I hate ricos. I've lost three girlfriends to them already!

#rico #jealous #libido #girlfriend #steal
by daballa321 March 19, 2009
(n.) A student teacher of the musician variety. A nowalk is very silly and can relate to her students.
Bryan: I need to finish these chord changes?

Ms. Smith: Why don't we just hook up the wii?

Bryan: Wow you can relate to us? You're such a nowalk!
#nowalkk #wii #bryan #joe #rico
by Daballa321 March 20, 2009
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