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a substance that sounds creepy, but if you write the formula out, think again...
Bob: di-Hydrogen monoxide is gonna destroy the world

Joe: idiot... (takes a large gulp of water)
by dab52 December 30, 2011
when your alarm clock plays (for NO APPARENT REASON) A justin bieber song. Also, if your alarm clock wears purple sunglasses, shoes, or shirt (unlikely).
The normal click wouldn't shut the justin bieper up, so I took a baseball bat and smashed it to bits.
by dab52 August 16, 2012
New motto for McDonalds, after lil wayne joined
I'm fuckin it. Ba da ba ba bum
by dab52 September 06, 2012
what you get when you put jay-z and big sean together.
jay-z + big sean = JAY SEAN !!!
by dab52 January 01, 2012

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