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A turd left in the toilet that is not flushed.
Jock rock just left another deep soaker in the men's room!
by dBergeron January 03, 2007
A person who completely wrecks the toilet with fecal matter and urine and then doesn't flush it. Under most circumstances, the smell can be detected before you see the actual result of the bowl bomber.
Oh dear God, Jock Rock must be at work, the bowl bomber has struck again!!!
by dBergeron November 05, 2007
Someone who gets completely jacked on cocaine. Sometimes this person will brag about how many drugs they have consummed to certain people and other times they will flatly deny any sort of drug use altogether. But, generally speaking, this person will get high and act like a jack-ass.
After a two eight-ball Friday night, Sergeant Schnee showed up and seems to be holding boot camp! Jock Rock sure does like to drink and do blow on the weekend. He'll deny doing any of it on Monday!
by dBergeron November 05, 2007
The undisputed champion of all things hip hop. The King of Hip Hop is on the forefront of cutting edge urban music. This includes rap, R&B, ghetto bang, Brazilian Folk, traditional get down boogie from The Crick down by Scranton, and old school vinyl chips. The amount of knowledge that the King of Hip Hop possesses transcends any and all other knowledge that anyone may have or even claim to have.
Carl G has proven himself to be the King of Hip Hop with his worldly experience and DJ prowess.
by dBergeron January 12, 2011

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