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1. One who speaks slang with proper grammar.

2. One who lives in an area that is not remotely related to "the (neighbor)hood".

3. One who attempts to dress in ghetto style using brands such as Aeropostale and Abercrombie.
"Hey, my homeboy gangster Eugene is a real suburban ganster, for shizure. He is wearing his pimped out low-riding Abercrombie pants."
by d1v1d38yz3r0 May 30, 2003
1. Those who earn a living by performing capital punishment on criminals.

2. Those who butcher otherwise good music, creating a large array of poor quality mix tapes.
Yo, did you get the new X-Ecutioners CD?
No, did you?
by d1v1d38yz3r0 May 27, 2003

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