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two spiky aliens from pluto who frequently appear on aqua teen hunger force. oglethorpe (orange) is the angry one who wants to rule the world. he has a heavy german accent. emory (green) is the laid-back one who doesn't want any trouble. they have smoked weed, stolen cable tv, and tried to create a clone of master shake. they also fight the mooninites in "spacecataz" at the beginning of the newer episodes. both are named after universities in atlanta.
Frylock: Is there maybe a higher brain form that I could speak with?

Oglethorpe: Nein! We are on a top-secret mission of world domination!

Frylock: World domination? You guys couldn't take over a damn bowl of Jell-o.

Emory: Is that, like, an important place or something?

Oglethorpe: WHERE IS IT?
by d-shadow June 27, 2005
1. A person being from the planet Pluto.
2. The language spoken by those from Pluto.
Plutonians have been enemies of the Marsonians since the War...
by TheBloodyStarr March 11, 2004

Having a dynamic personality.
Dope #1: Sarie is surely a nice girl; I've never seen anyone so sweet and positive about life!
Dope #2: Sarie? Yeah, right! She's always frowning, NEVER talks, and always snatches stuff out of peoples' hands.
Dope #1: What? No!
Killer #1: Maybe she has multiple personality disorder.
Kiko: Maybe she's just a bit plutonian!
by Kiko April 25, 2004
Adjective form of Pluto. See Pluto
He's so stupid he must have been the inventor of Plutonian Physics!

by Hack The Matrix January 09, 2008
All dogs in the world being from pluto who are here to take over the world and rule us all. This theory was thought up while trippin on acid and was originated in Colorado.
That dog is a plutonian!
by Evan Suns January 20, 2005
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